Bell Industrial Cleaning Services


Office Manager - Office block
Happy to be associated with Bell Cleaning Ltd over many years, combining supervision and communication standards of excellence consistently achieved

Practise Manager - Health Surgery
Consistently happy with the standard of service provided by BCC Ltd in a demanding medical environment

Co.Director - Office block
A flexible hands on approach to cleaning has ensured the best results for our building and staff since the day we opened our offices

Commercial Director - National House builder
Over multiple sites and high production levels BCC Ltd has provided a consistently high standard of cleaning from Build clean to hand over to client for more than a decade

Site Agent - National House builder
BCC Ltd provides a high standard of service complying with all Health and Safety regulations in a demanding construction envirnomant.

Project Manager - Major Construction Company
On numerous projects BCC Ltd has ensured a smooth handover to client on large, medium and small projects under tight deadlines

Contract Manager
BCC Ltd has provided a first class service on several care home projects working to tight budgets and deadlines achieving high specification cleaning

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